Mist on the Lake

Nova Scotia is blessed with lakes. Many, many lakes.
In fact, if you look at the Province from above, there seems to be as much water, especially in the western half, as there is land. Which is great for fishing and for water sports like canoeing and other boating. In fact, it’s what we are known for.
I was reading about some of the issues our lakes have now, though, and it is worrisome. Farming, with its run-off of manure and fertilizer, forestry that has too many clear cuts way too close to the water, the build-up of homes (both summer and year around) on the lake shores, the use of phosphates in detergent (once uncommon, now isn’t) and climate change (which sees our lakes warming) all have impacted our wonderful waterways.
On this morning, I drove past our summer cottage, which is on a lake - its been there for over 100 years - and went to the neighbouring village of Tusket. As I drove along this lake and saw the mist rising and heard the birds singing it was magical. But it also made me think of the changes that have taken place. There are very few trout or salmon in this lake any more due to acid rain, the damming of the river for power, the warming waters, and now invasive species like smallmouth bass and pickerel. I used to fish here as a kid and have fond memories of catching beautiful brook trout with my Grandfather and my Dad.
Which is sad – my Grandson won’t be able to do that in most likelihood. Because it has changed and people didn’t stop it – they actually added to the problem.
So, the scene is lovely to look at, and canoeing or boating on the lake would be much the same as years ago. But at its core, it is different. We need to think about that. And then do something about it.
The motto for Trout Unlimited Canada is “Be part of the solution”.
Wise words.