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Art Galleries
The image this week is exciting for me as it has just been judged and accepted for inclusion in the 2019 Spring Group Show at Teichert Gallery at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. The show, a juried exhibition of works from dozens of Nova Scotia’s top artists, will run from May 9 until the end of May, and will show only recent pieces, like mine shown above.
I say exciting for me, because in addition to being included in the show, I like how this image came about. I took the photo during the winter with my daughter Marsha. I worked on the image at that time, and thought it was pretty good. Then, on the way down to Florida at the end of February, I went in to the Ansel Adams exhibit in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. Now, I also recently found out the Ansel Adams, a continuing influence on my photography, came from a New England family, so I do the research and yes, he’s a 5th cousin (a few times removed). The exhibit was wonderful, his use of dark and light and the way he composed his images was amazing, and my connection to him was now not just professional but even more personal.
And inspiring.
So, I get home in early April and start working on some of my images, to use some of the thinking Adams had used in his work. The result was that this image got re-worked, and I liked it enough that I submitted it to the jury for the group show. They agreed that it was worthy of exhibit, and so everyone will have the chance to see what I’ve been up to.
This is the great benefit of public Art Galleries and Museums. They give people a chance to see work from wonderful artists in the past, and to see how those works are influencing artists today. Recently, the Province of Nova Scotia announced a new Art Gallery to be built down on the waterfront, and I am thrilled. The arts are important, they are educational, and they are of value to all people. We can draw inspiration from the works, or we can just get a glance into times past and how folks interacted with their environment and society at the time, and how modern folks are interpreting or are influenced by those who went before.
Art Galleries and Museums are worth a look. If you’re in Halifax, NS during the month of May, why not go have a look at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and at the Teichert Gallery and the Group Show?
You might just find something that you find meaningful.