Waves Breaking over Port Maitland Beach

Changes in the Surf
It's been really warm for us here in Nova Scotia this week.
Really warm.
I mean, we're used to a high at this time of year of about 21° C (or 70°F), and this week it hit 26° even here at the beach, with a humidex making it feel like 35° (or 95 or so). Inland it was even hotter.
What I noticed as Norma and I walked Finn on the beach is that the Bay of Fundy is warmer as well. Normally it'd be about 12° C at this time of year, when right now it's a relatively balmy 16° C. So much warmer than usual that we have seen jellyfish washing up on the beach - Lion's Mane jellyfish, which we see occasionally, but also Portuguese man-of-war (one washed up on a beach just around the corner from us) that normally are not anywhere near us!
The weather, for Canadians, is a constant topic as we're often so impacted by it. Normally, though, we're talking about the cold and the ice, not the heat!
We're also seeing more coastal erosion - a neighbour is worrying about his cottage, built well over 100 years ago, which sits on a cliff overlooking the Bay, and another neighbour has her house just behind the beach. Both are now seeing the banks in front of their properties being eaten away by higher and higher levels at high tide.
It's worrisome.
I think folks are beginning to realize that there is indeed something going on. I hope that they take this into consideration and act on it - even with small things like pressing candidates in the next elections on how those candidates will fight climate change.
I will - because I've got a grandson and Theo loves to play in the surf!