Fish Shacks - Trout Cove, Digby Neck, NS

Digby Neck
One thing Norma, and I love to do is to take Finn and go for a drive within Nova Scotia. Playing backyard tourist gives you a chance to see things as others might see them, but also gives one a chance to explore our province and to get to know it better.
We hadn’t been out to Brier Island for years, so earlier this week we went off to explore, and we drove up and down some new side roads as well as making our way to Westport, the village on Brier Island. We drove over to Sandy Cove and saw the amazing beach there, and drove out to Westport and went out to the Grand Passage light – a sight of Acadia University’s experiments and birding stations, and a place I’d done bird banding with my brother almost 40 years ago! The ferries were not crowded so we made good time, and we had a lovely picnic lunch overlooking the water after a nice walk with the dog along the oceanside.
After a brief genealogy stop (My great uncle Neil had lived on Brier Island for quite a time and had built two homes we found still there), we began driving back. We got to the mainland stretch of the Neck (the narrow land peninsula that juts out and separates the Bay of Fundy from St. Mary’s Bay) and saw another side road – this time to Trout Cove. With a name like that, you know I had to look, and it was a wonderful side trip over the hills to the Fundy side, and a small set of fishing shacks (the image for this week) and two large wharves. The smell of fish was in the air, and obviously this is a working port, with a couple of large lobster boats and a couple of long liners.
Just as we were leaving the Neck, we took a “shortcut” across from the Neck road to Highway 1, by going across Marsh Road. A beautiful drive along a dyke wall that protects farmland from the saltwater, it was most interesting (details on my Facebook Page). It was also very rough – and we were glad we were driving the Rav 4 as the Camry wouldn’t have made the trip. When we got to the other end, just before the main highway, we spotted a sign. It read “No Road Maintenance – Proceed at Own Risk”. Might have been nice to have a sign like that at BOTH ends of the road…
In the end, a great day of adventure and exploring – and as at least one friend would say (If you haven’t done so, read Sandra Phinney’s book) - right in our own backyard!