Sunset on Port Maitland Beach

Sunsets on the beach are a special treat, especially in summer. One friend asked “Don’t you ever get tired of the view?”, we always answer “No”.
Our beach, or the 900 or so feet of it we own, is a special place. In the summer we often walk it, and when we do so at sunset, it’s even more special. The slowly sinking sun bringing an end to the day, but also a promise of another to come.
We walk the beach in winter, but the scene is very different with the northwest wind whipping in off the Bay of Fundy – so cold and so cutting. The summer sunsets are the exact opposite, warm and inviting.
We do notice the timing, though. Here it is not quite the end of August, and the sun now sets at 8:15 or so, where only a month or two ago, it was well after 9:00. In December it will set before 5:00, at around 4:45 !
We’ll take advantage of it while we can, and walk “our beach” often. The thought of those cold winter days to come is a great inspiration to get out there now!