Tree On Granite - Uisge Ban Falls Trail, Baddeck, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Climate Strike
Today, many people are taking part in a climate strike. What’s that all about? Well, the IPCC has now released a number of reports, the latest this week, that state that we are on the cusp of a true environmental disaster. The report was about ocean warming and ice loss, and was truly frightening in that it was a meta-data report (a compilation of reports, all peer reviewed) that points to the rapid warming of the oceans and the incredible loss of ice cover we are now experiencing.
I was struck this week by teenager Greta Thunberg and her wonderful speech at the UN describing the climate crisis and the need to act – NOW! As a result, and in solidarity with the effort, I show this week a photo of mine from 2011. So, not a new image, but one from the past (and so my strike on new images for this week!), which I think is emblematic of the issue – a tree hanging on and finding a way to live. It’s from Cape Breton, near the Cabot Trail, where one can also walk among one of the last old growth maple forests in the Province – there only because the land was too rugged to log in days past.
We need to act, and act now. It is up to each of us to do something, whatever we can, to help lessen our impact on the planet. Canada is in the middle of an election, the US will follow next year.
This is important.
This is a moment your children and grandchildren will ask about. What did you do to stop climate change before it was too late?
Our choice is to listen carefully to our leaders and determine which plan sounds like it will do the job of saving the planet the best.
Our individual answers are going to determine the fate of the planet.