Moon Rising Behind the Clouds over the Ocean

Home Along the Coast
A week ago we were down in the USA visiting my parents, my sister and her family and other family members. As people following my Facebook feed know, I then posted 7 images, one a day, of the best of the foliage I got on the trip. In New England in early to mid-October it isn’t tough to get really nice and interesting images.
As a Conservation photographer, intent on capturing nature and the changing face of the planet to get people thinking about things, the foliage isn’t really my main focus, except that some scientists say even that is now changing its patterns due to climate change.
We got home and Norma came down with a cold, so while she was in bed early this week, I went out in the evening and found the almost full moon behind some clouds and got this image. Completely different from what I was shooting in New England, but our Province has a beauty all its own.
Of course, I then caught the cold, and so an abbreviated blog this week.
Cheers – and get out there to witness the beauty that is around us!