Weeds in the Snow

First Snow
Nova Scotia weather isn’t what many people think it would be like if they don’t live in the Maritimes. When we go to places outside our region, everyone thinks of Canada, and so Nova Scotia, as snowy and cold. Of course, since our fair Province is surrounded almost completely by ocean water, we really are a much more moderate climate than even places like Maine or the rest of New England.
It may surprise some then that our first real snow of the season was the day before yesterday. A light fall of 7 or 8 cm (about 3 inches), which fell unusually, as there was little wind – something that does not occur around these parts much. We might be moderate, but we pay for it with the “wind off the water” that occurs here quite frequently. OK, almost constantly.
We went for a hike with the dog down our path and this weed with the snow on top caught my eye. So pretty with its little white mound on top, and the sun setting behind in the west. The path down to our field is lovely after a snowfall, and the field itself as it nestles up to the ponds below is also very interesting with a new white coat. The ponds are not frozen yet, as it hasn’t been that cold, so the dramatic white of the fields is set against the deep blue of the cold open water. The little birds are in the woodlot staying out of the open, as they know what was to come – and it did, as yesterday the wind howled to 50 kph (30 mph) and blew all the little powder hats off the plants, and created little drifts in the open spots.
The forecast is for rain for the weekend, and so that’s typical – snowy and cold one day, and then windy followed by wet and warm a few days later. This goes on from now until April.
Technically, it’s still late fall - but I’d say “Welcome to Nova Scotia in the winter”!