Sgurr nan Gillean, Am Basteir and Sgurr a'Bhasteir from Sligachan

Scotland – Skye, Day Two
Our second full day in Skye was spent basically getting to know the area around the town of Portree, where we were staying, and then exploring a bit of the southwestern area of the Island. We went to the archives in Portree in the morning and had a nice chat with them about Norma’s family, but unfortunately this is when it became quite evident that we were unlikely to be able to find much further than what we already knew. We then toured the town of Portree – a port town where fishing thrives. The town has become quite touristy in July and August, but as it was still only mid-June the crowds we saw were not huge there. We wandered the streets, had a wonderful lunch of fish and chips at a local pub, and just generally relaxed.
In the afternoon our short drive led to a nice activity that is shared by many who come to Skye – we hiked a part of the trail leading from Sligachan to the Black Cuillins – the hills behind. The trail was very nicely maintained by an angling association, as the path follows a stream that has salmon and trout in it, and it goes along the watershed and then up along the crest of the mountains beyond. We only walked far enough to get to the base area of the mountainous portion of the trail, but the scenery was wonderful and the weight of my camera (carried in the Think Tank backpack) was worthwhile for the image I got near the base where a lilypond reflected the amazing scene perfectly. There were lots of tourists on the bridge – an old stonework bridge made in the 1700’s – but few made the trek along the path and so that was the place to go to get good images. We didn’t wash our faces, so the fairies didn’t get a chance to beautify us, but the tradition is there if you wish to give it a shot! We came back along the southern route to Portree, and passed many a pastoral view, with sheep abounding, evidence that the manufacture of wool and woolens is still a powerful economic mover on Skye.
We returned to the Cuillin Hills Lodge and dreamed of the hills we saw this day, and of the nature tour of the island we were to take the next day – and that’s the story for the next blog!

The Red Cuillins

The Old Bridge, Sligachan, Scotland
The Trail Leading to the Black Cuillins