Wormsloe, Savannah, Georgia

Travel Revisited
Do you ever get those “challenges” on Facebook? I most times don’t respond, but this one sounded like it might be fun, and it led to a bit of discovery. A friend challenged me to do a photo a day of my travel photos for a week. That sounded like something I could do – but it also led me to look back at some of my travel photos and re-visit them. This is probably something as photographers we could stand to do more often.
On the first day I put up an image from our Scotland trip a couple of years ago, but to avoid doing 7 Scottish images, although that would be fun, too, I started going backwards in my files. I then looked at images of places we went, but wanted to use ones I hadn’t previously shown. This is where the Ansel Adams advice of looking at your images from the past and then trying to perfect them in the, today digital, darkroom comes in.
Today’s image is one I took last spring at Wormsloe in Savannah – an old early settlement colonial area that has been preserved as a nature area, with a little bit of settlement history thrown in. The drive is lined with old oak trees, covered in Spanish Moss, which makes for a very dramatic and lovely entry.
A nice thing to be doing during a snowstorm, and rewarding to see what I can turn up from past travels. And besides, it gets me thinking about future travels for this year, and thinking of the images I can make!