Sea-run Brook Trout Shore Lunch, St. Ann's, Nova Scotia

Travel Images
For the last week, as I described in my last blog, I’ve been posting travel photos – the result of a Facebook challenge to post the “travel photos of your life that had an impact on you”. That was fun, and so I posted a collection of 7 images, mainly landscape, on my Facebook page. But you know what? If they’d simply said your favourite travel images – they would have gotten what I’m showing this week.
Forget for a moment the “had an impact” and “for your life” and simply go with, “were most memorable and fun in 2019”. Hands down this image is that one. Norma and I try to get to Cape Breton every summer to visit her relatives and our summer property. I like to chase after sea trout, and so we combined both last July. I went fishing, and then brought the trout, they were actually sea trout, back to our farm property in St. Ann’s, and we cooked them on our Coleman stove overlooking St. Ann’s Bay. With some bread from a local bakery and oat cakes for dessert, the meal was most memorable.
We have been fortunate and love to travel all over. Our family has a spot in Florida we’ve been going to for 5 generations, so it feels like home. But we’ve also travelled to Europe a couple of times, and Norma has been to Australia, New Zealand and so on. The simple trip to the other end of the province every summer, though, is among our highlights of any year. Playing tourist in your own Province or State is really fun – and something for 2020 we’re going to do more of.
After we get back from Florida and a trip to the Turks and Caicos that is. After all - you can’t JUST stay home…