The Dingle

Parks in Winter
Nova Scotia has a lot of parks, and they are wonderful to visit year around. Even in the city centre of Halifax, there are many small parks, like the one where the image this week of a bench was taken at “The Dingle” (more formally, Sir Sanford Fleming Park) – a small park that faces the Northwest Arm, a body of water that comes in from the Atlantic on the back side as it were of the city. In the summer, people fish for mackerel and swim and boat on the Arm, but on a sunny winter’s day, it’s fun to just sit and contemplate life.
We often walk Port Maitland Beach Provincial Park all year, but since it’s adjacent to our property, that kind of goes without saying. We x-c ski at Ellenwood Park when there is enough snow, and walk in there when there isn’t. While most of the Parks are closed, which is a bit odd to me since the Province is trying to encourage both activity levels and off-season tourism (and many tourists are fellow Nova Scotians touring around like on weekends or March Break the Province might want to note), the Province does allow folks to use the Parks at one’s own risk.
It’s fun to visit and take photographs in essentially empty Parks, as you pretty well have the places all to yourself. Winter hibernation is for the bears – for photographers, it’s a great time to wander the Province and take in the sights!