Full Pink Moon

Lunar Thoughts
The global pandemic is having some interesting side effects. The air is actually becoming clearer. We don’t see planes all the time as we normally did, and with factory production slowed, the pollution that spews our way from the industries to our west and southwest simply isn’t here! This has resulted in some very clear skies this past week.
One thing that occurred as well, was a full moon on Tuesday last. This was the Pink Full Moon. Now, the term "Pink moon" is just a nickname from folklore — a reference to moss pink, or wild ground phlox, whose pinkish flowers are among spring's earliest flowers in the eastern parts of North America. April's full moon is also called the sprouting grass moon, the egg moon and the fish moon. We have names like that for every lunar month, and then there is a blue moon, which also does not denote colour, but rather rarity – as in “once in a blue moon” or when there are two full moons in one month!
The image this week is of the full moon, which was bright and clear. We also have very high tides, being near the equinox, and so the storm that began yesterday and is going today as well is bringing us very high water today at noon.
Even in these times of worry and anxiety for so many, nature is out there for the looking. We are lucky to have our piece of property here on the shore, as people have been told to “Stay the Blazes Home” as our Premier put it. We’ll do that, and continue to look at the outdoors from our own little piece of it.
Stay safe – and “keep looking up!”