Port Maitland Sunset from Our Front Yard

Teichert Gallery
For the last number of years I have had some of my work on a rotating basis in the Teichert Gallery at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax, NS. Teichert has a couple of art shows a year, and this year with the whole pandemic and what not, they decided a couple of months ago to have the Spring Show be virtual. The show – the Teichert Spring show – will be entitled Stay the Blazes Home, and I was very excited to have three of my pieces be selected to be in the show!
For the blog, I chose one of the pieces to showcase which has been judged to be included in the show – the image shown is of Port Maitland breakwater, taken from our front yard. Since our property includes almost 900 feet of shorefront, I can stand on our land above the beach and still take evening sunsets like this. Just one reason we love it here. So, I took a page from cousin Ansel Adams and I re-mastered an image I had taken awhile back. I worked with the image and layered it to enhance the scene's peace, tranquility and loneliness, while at the same time maintaining the sense of colour, wonder and awe that the scene first drew me in with.
Teichert wanted a description for the piece, so I wrote: “This was taken from our shore front at the shore of our 48-acre property bordering the Bay of Fundy. As the sun sets in the west, the sound of the surf gently lapping and the rays disappearing below the horizon signal the end of another day. The beach park is closed, so I was all alone on our shore (next door to the Provincial Beach), except for the gulls wheeling overhead.”
It will be fun to see people log in and view the show on their devices over the next little bit. The show will run from May 18th to June 14th. As always, works that sell have the price split between the artist and Teichert to help support the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia – so I’m also proud to be part of that effort.
Look for the other two pieces I’ll be showing on my Facebook page, the link and more information is on my website at: Bill Curry Photography
Great fun and a wonderful honour to have all three pieces be in the show!