Oban, Scotland

Scotland – Oban
One thing about Scotland – they do get rain. During our previous week in northern Scotland and on Skye, we had some rain, but we had some sun and some fog and some mist – sometimes all of it in one day! However, it didn’t ever rain all day on us, until we got to Oban. This was where having a weather resistant camera and a waterproof cover on my camera bag were essential, and boy was I glad to have that kind of gear!
The town of Oban is beautiful, even in the rain. A port town, and a busy one at that, Oban serves as the terminus for ferries serving the Herbides and other islands off the Scottish coast, plus it has a large fishing fleet. These two things mean that it is a wonderful place to go for a look at an older port, and for wonderful fresh fish. Walking the waterfront takes you eventually to the ferry docks, where there are many fish mongers and open air stands set up to serve local delicacies. There is a wonderful folly, a huge coliseum-like edifice built during the depression to provide labour for the winter, and there is also a chocolate factory, a whisky distillery (Oban single malt is very good!) and a 1000-year-old castle – the ruins of castle Dunollie, home of the MacDougalls.
We enjoyed our rainy day in Oban very much, and then were off to Perth where we saw salmon, more whisky and standing stones – the subject for next week!

Oban Waterfront

Dockside Dining in Oban!

Cooking Prawns

Dunollie Castle
Tall Ship coming in to the harbour
Oban Panorama View