Along the Musquodoboit River

Nova Scotia Rivers
With the pandemic making “normal” summer activities a bust, we had a little family “staycation” last week. Norma and our daughter Marsha and I drove to Middle Musquodoboit Where Norma taught before we got married.
The route we took had us driving up the Musquodoboit River, one of Nova Scotia’s most famed trout rivers. Beginning at its mouth at the coast in Musquodoboit Harbour, we drove upstream and followed the river the entire way to “Middle” as the locals call it, as Route 357 parallels the river for most of its length.
Like all other rivers in the Province this year, the Musquodoboit is lower than normal due to the lack of rain, and the tremendous heat of the last two weeks, which has broken all records for the Province. Climate change is real.
The result of the low water is that the trout were in only the very deepest, coolest pools, but we did see a few rising as we drove along and stopped here and there to take photographs. The Musquodoboit is very clear, rising from the farmland in the Musquodoboit Valley, and so is a beautiful place to just wander alongside and take your time, and in our case a picnic lunch. We stopped at the top of the river, in Middle and watched two children play in a shallow clear pool at the picnic park, watched carefully by their parents. It was the perfect way to cool off.
As we came home to my daughter’s house in Dartmouth, we realized this Province is a beautiful place, even during a pandemic, and has a lot interesting and beautiful things to see.
It's rivers should be counted as one of the most gorgeous among those things.