The Stone Bridge at Hipson's Creek, Lower East Pubnico, NS

More Local Tourism
Norma and I continued our “local tourism” and this past week drove up the south shore a bit and so went through East Pubnico. There, a very interesting picnic site awaits, overlooking an early 1900’s stone bridge. Hipson’s bridge is a very well preserved piece of stone work – a small bridge that spans the creek it is named for (Hipson’s Creek) it is a valuable piece of built history. With Nova Scotia’s rocky soil on the Atlantic coast in particular it isn’t surprising earlier builders turned to that material.
The new road goes to the east of the bridge, so the old bridge can be viewed from a small picnic park, which also has a lost to the sea memorial detailing the many folks who have lost their lives on the ocean in the Pubnico area.
I love stonework, and I suppose it goes back to having grown up in the countryside of New England, but there are many interesting stoneworks here in Nova Scotia. From bridges like this – there are a handful of them scattered across the Province – to stone walls and even stone houses made by early Scottish immigrants, they are beautiful structures that I hope we can preserve.