Leaf on the Surface of a Pond

Fall y’all
Well, it is officially fall by the changing leaves, the calendar and the equinox, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature here in Nova Scotia!
We’re in the middle of the driest summer/fall season here for a long time, with many streams and lakes at lower levels than most can remember. We also have been having many record temperatures, both daytime highs and high nighttime “lows”.
Elsewhere, California is burning up with record forest fires, not caused by poor management, but by climate change. Floods in the south Sudan are life threatening and the Northern Hemisphere had the warmest August ever recorded. Biodiversity is being threatened by human actions.
Climate change is very real.
Climate change needs to be slowed or reversed if our children and grandchildren are going to have any sort of natural experiences.
It’s Fall here now, and one of the most beautiful seasons – but we all need to think about how to combat global environmental issues to help protect our fragile planet.
We can do that by thinking globally and acting locally!