Blomidon at low tide, NS

According to Mik'Maq legend, Glooscap was a giant god-like man who lived on the high bluffs of Cape Blomidon, overlooking the Bay of Fundy.
As proof of his existence, locals point to a natural rock formation that is said to be Glooscap himself, sitting on the shore, with his back resting up against a cliff.
The image this week was taken at the Blomidon Provincial Park, which I used to visit as a teenager years ago.
They've made a lot of improvements, as when I used to go there, access to the beach was down a very steep set of stairs that were more like a ladder. Nowadays, there is a beautiful wide set of stairs with a wonderful staging part way that gives a great view, and then more stairs winding down to the beach below.
At high tide the stairs would be covered, but at low tide the access to the beach is marvelous and we get a superb view of Cape Blomidon.
It's impressive - and worthy of the legends Nova Scotia's first people tell of the mighty Glooscap.