Dumping Day Eve

Dumping Day
It’s the day before Dumping Day here in Yarmouth County – the day before the lobster season opens for the 6 months of lobster fishing upon one of the most valuable lobster grounds on the planet. It’s the most dangerous day, as the boats, as shown in the image, are heavily laden with their traps, setting them out essentially all at once and then going back out during the season to check each trap and at the end of May bring them all back ashore.
The threat is obvious, and the fact this year’s season was delayed twice by windy weather and very rough seas (it should have opened on Monday last) accents the issue. It’s a business that is not for the faint of heart.
So, the next time you munch on a lobster, think of the fishers who braved winter weather and ocean swells to go catch the crustaceans you’re dining on. The cost of the lobster becomes quite a deal actually when you think about it.
Wishing all the fishers and their families a safe and prosperous lobster season!