Stirling Castle - Old Wall

Scotland – Stirling Castle
During our final loop in Scotland, we drove from Perth to Edinburgh, and went via a site I’d been really looking forward to – Stirling Castle. There are many scenic castles in Scotland, and we’d seen several, but Stirling held great interest for me as (caution genealogy hobby coming out here) I am a descendant of William of Scotland who had his headquarters here, and who died here. Just to complete the genealogy lesson – inside the castle was a gentleman who, when I told him of my descent, produced a 15 foot long scroll, and then proceeded to point out where William was on the line – and showed me a line from him back to the early 800’s !!!
Genealogy aside, the place is spectacular as a living monument to history. The first recorded events about the castle indicate it was built sometime in the 1100’s, but the hill upon which it sits, a 350 million year old crag and tail, has been defended since the 600’s. The Castle has seen royal crownings (Mary, Queen of Scots became Queen here in 1542), and is the sight of many battles and sieges, the last being in 1746 when Bonnie Prince Charlie tried to take the castle, but failed.
The Castle has wonderful interpreters who go through every detail of castle life, and who are well informed of the history. The tapestry hangings are amazing, and there is an entire exhibit dedicated to these incredible works of art.
The Castle is busy, but it gives you a lot to look at – and the photography is one of those “you never know quite where to look next” kind of things as there is so much to see. We spent about 5 hours there, and could have easily spent the entire day, but we were off to Edinburgh, our final stop, and that's for next week!

Kitchen Display - Stirling Castle

The Queen - displaying her robes

The Tower at Stirling Castle

Tapestry at Stirling Castle