Durkee Dam, Deerfield, NS

Happy New Year
Well, 2020 was quite the year.
The pandemic changed a lot, but there were other changes as well that people should notice.
We just ended a December that had a near record amount of rainfall for the month – more than 50% above the normal rainfall record. What 2020 will be remembered for though, was the record drought in April to October. Wells going dry and streams and lakes at record low levels endanger not only people, it is also very hard on wildlife. Cold water fish like trout and salmon don’t do well in low, warm water, and so they are weakened, while the invasive chain pickerel and smallmouth bass, both warmer water species, thrive.
It is heartening that in just a few days the US may turn the corner and again join the world in the fight against climate change. It’s something we all should be doing personally, though, as well.
May 2021 bring us all the determination to do what we can to help preserve and protect this amazing planet we call home. Our children and grandchildren will thank us for that!