Sunrise Over a Wilderness Lake in Nova Scotia

Pandemic Plans
Realizing that I was not going to be going to Florida this month, due to the pandemic, I started planning for the fly fishing season here in Nova Scotia, which begins for Brook Trout on April 1. I got to looking at my flies, lines, rods and other assorted gear, as I realized that I would need to mail order anything, rather be picking it up in the US along the way.
Plans, then, are being made and the image this week is from our annual wilderness fly fishing trip that my cousin Don and I do in May each year – but the pandemic messed that up royally last year. Hopefully this year we’ll be able to get together and do the trip – even if I have to use my 17 foot canoe to maintain a 6 foot distance!
The pandemic has upended many things but here in Nova Scotia as of today there are only 10 cases, and we only had one new one yesterday, so really, as a Province, we’re doing OK. I just hope the vaccines come soon and we can get back to travelling around without pandemic related planning!