Edinburgh Castle - Old Wall

Scotland – Edinburgh
Our final stop on our trip to Scotland was in the city of Edinburgh. Norma and I had both visited Edinburgh before, so we each knew what to expect, but it was fun to see the changes. After arriving in the late afternoon, we had a great supper and walked down Princes Street, saw the Edinburgh Castle high above, and wandered through the park and the hustle and bustle of the city’s nightlife. Not being real night-owls, and having had a long day, we retired early back to the pub in our hotel, and after a wee dram (and a local who mistook me for an American, but then apologized profusely!), we retired to our room.
The next day dawned bright but humid, and threatened rain, so we decided to tour the castle before the storm. Edinburgh’s fortress is most amazing, it is high on a hill overlooking the city – but even by 10 in the morning, it is packed with tourists. Being near the end of the trip and having just done Stirling Castle the day before, we took a tour of the Castle, but didn’t linger much longer. Instead, thinking of the 6 hour flight ahead, we walked the Royal Mile – or as one relative refers to it, the “Royal Three Miles” (it IS a long walk), and had a grand time. We ate lunch at a whisky bar, shopped for souvenirs for those at home, and I had fun practicing street photography techniques.
We had supper near our hotel and went for one last saunter, and Norma, who for the last two weeks had taken her raincoat everywhere, decided to leave it in the hotel. Of course, it poured! We got soaked (even through my raincoat!), and made it back after completing the trek along the entire stretch, but we were glad to get back and get dried off.
The trip had been fun, and the ending downpour somehow seemed appropriate, as rain and Scotland kind of go together, and really, we’d been pretty lucky. The advance preparing for more than a year had paid off – and we had a most amazing time. We’re already looking forward to our next trip, as one thing’s for sure – there is a lot to see in our world, and you don’t get an unlimited amount of time to see it in! Travel when you can, and have fun doing it. Make some images, and some memories.
Speaking of memories – wait until you see the almost 400 year’s worth of them next week!


Margaret's Chapel

Royal Mile

Amber Whisky Restaurant