The Ocean Grill, Vero Beach, Florida

A Pandemic Year
A year ago to the day the pandemic that is the Covid-19 virus was just starting.
Friday morning, we went to the Art Under The Oaks art show in Vero Beach. The lack of crowds meant we could really chat with some of the exhibitors, but I did feel sorry for them as there weren’t many buyers around. We had a great lunch at one of our favourite spots right on the beach, and then went shopping a bit. As Norma was trying on a new bathing suit, I got a message from the Canadian Government that they were thinking about closing the border, they were issuing travel advice that Canadians should not travel at all, and that all Canadians should come home as quickly as possible.
We did as we were told, and the next day began the drive home to Nova Scotia, making it back in 4 days of straight driving.
Things have been changed by the pandemic, for sure. We are still right now in Nova Scotia, instead of in Florida - something that we haven't done for many, many years. Even in my teaching days here, we still usually did March Break in Florida at our family condo.
The Province of Nova Scotia, though, is a relatively safe place. We've been lucky and managed pretty well to limit the spread of the virus, and right now there have only been 65 deaths in the Province in the entire pandemic, and Canada as a whole has also done fairly well in that there have been just over 22,000 deaths, compared to the US with 9 times our population but well over 500,000 deaths.
A year ago I'd never heard of Zoom, now it is the only way to meet in groups.
There is hope now, though, that things are changing again. Vaccines are becoming available, some members of our family have been vaccinated. That's good, and gives us hope.
It is almost Spring here, and fishing season is coming soon and the garden can be started soon as well. Things to look forward to.
And, here's hoping everyone stays safe and takes care, so that soon we can all see each other again in social settings in person instead of on a computer!