A Snowy Egret

The Birds Are Back
One thing about being close to home due to the pandemic here in Nova Scotia – I am spending more time in the immediate area seeing things, and yesterday was a bird day.
As Norma and I were making breakfast, I spotted a female Baltimore Oriole in our forsythia bush. A bright beautiful bird on a foggy, dull morning. We took our dog Finn for a walk across the road to the cemetery, and we spotted a Myrtle Warbler and a Vireo, and saw an owl, which flew away before I could identify it.
In the afternoon we went looking in the ponds right out front and just north of us, and we saw many interesting birds – a Red-Winged Blackbird and a pair of Ring-Necked Ducks were the standouts, or so I thought. Norma spotted a seagull and commented on it, and I said “What’s that in front of it?”
She thought perhaps a garbage bag, but it turned out to be a Snowy Egret, which eventually posed nicely while I got a photo. Snowy Egrets are not common here, but we do normally see one or two each year during migration periods.
So, staying very close to home can still mean some rewarding photography chances, if one looks carefully!