Waves on the Shore

Pandemic Waves
Nova Scotia for almost a year now has had a pretty easy time of the pandemic, relatively speaking. That all changed about a month ago, when some visitors to the Province failed to self-isolate as required and brought in a variant of Covid, which spread rapidly and took our case count from just a few to hundreds. Thoughtless, selfish people then acted like there was nothing new, and the case count soared to over a thousand. The Province quickly acted and locked us all down, and fortunately, the case count has now begun to decline and it seems like we may return to our “normal” lower case count soon.
Part of the lockdown makes it illegal to go outside one’s Municipality, so for me that means my picture taking and image making has to be very local. I live in a gorgeous place, though, so that really isn’t too hard to take. Norma and I took the dog and walked down along the shore, and while there we sat for a bit and simply watched the waves rolling in. The swooshing sound of the water hitting the rocks and then pulling gently back is soothing, and pretty to watch.
Hopefully someday soon we’ll be able to begin planning to watch waves further afield – Cape Breton this summer beckons, and hopefully a return to Florida next Spring are the first things that come to mind.
For now, we just need to do as the Premier so eloquently put it – Stay the Blazes Home and as our wonderful Dr. Strang said – now is not the time to go shopping in person for sandals!
I hope this finds everyone safe and enjoying the place we call home.