The Cabot Trail

Cabot Trail
Last week my wife and I got to go around the Cabot Trail, the famed roadway that circles Cape Breton Island at the northern end of Nova Scotia. The road also encircles Cape Breton highlands National Park, which is one of two National Parks in the Province.
Norma’s Uncle Don actually worked on the trail – he was an engineer. The drive shows the amazing construction feat done to make the route as it travels over several of Nova Scotia’s highest peaks, mountains that while only just over 1000 feet tall, rise right out of the ocean.
We like to begin counter clockwise from Baddeck, because that way the morning sun is on the road from the east, and by the time we drive the other side the sun is setting, illuminating from the west. The image this week is of the scene on that western side, taken after a wonderful day touring the Park and visiting with family living in the small villages wedged in-between the main portions of the Park.
This year, with Covid still rearing its ugly head, the drive was rather sparsely populated, where normally one encounters many tourists doing the circle. We stopped at a couple of businesses, and each had in place Covid measures – well worn routines now. Nova Scotia is a relatively safe place, and a home vacation in our wonderful Province has many options. The Cabot Trail is one of the very best!