Sunset Over the Gulf of Maine

When we built our home here in Port Maitland 18 years ago, one big decision was how to site the house on our property. Would we place it near the pond, low and looking out over the marsh, or did we want a more sweeping view of the ocean? We opted for the second choice, and one thing we gained was a view that includes some gorgeous sunsets.
While I like to say we face the Bay of Fundy, that isn’t quite geographically true. The Bay begins further up the coast and runs across from Westport on Briar Island to Grand Manan in New Brunswick. On clear days we can see Briar Island, but the water immediately in front of us is the Gulf of Maine, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean that sits between New England and Nova Scotia.
The image this week then is a sunset over the Gulf of Maine, as taken from our back deck! One of our visitors noting the water view asked if we ever got tired of looking at the water. I guess he thought it would always be the same.
It isn’t.
And, no, we never get tired of our view.