Sandyland Ponds

Sandyland Ponds
Our home is built on a piece of property that was a “second division” – land granted to the original English settlers in Yarmouth County, who got a lot in the Town of Yarmouth, and then a 100 acre second lot further away, and many got a third woodlot further still away from town.
Our property is the shoreside half of the second lot an ancestor got, and so it runs from the road to the shore. In a rather unique situation – because another ancestor who lived on the land ran a cranberry farm, the ponds that sit in front of our house are also part of our property.
This week, Norma and I took our kayaks out into our pond and paddled across to the beach frontage of our property – and so the resulting photo. This view looks back toward our home – which is peeking out in a line above the large log in the foreground, just up and to the left. The water in the foreground left of the image is the rest of the pond, but everything to the right is part of our old farm.
It was a beautiful day to paddle around our water property – and we spotted ducks, shorebirds and even a pair of muskrats on the trip! There’s a lot to see in our marsh, and it’s always fun to observe the activity. As a conservation area, I love that the pond is a protected area – for both us and the wildlife!
The migrations have already begun, geese and ducks are now daily visitors, and soon the shorebirds will leave us heading for South America. The cycle of life in our little corner of the world.