A Squall from Ida Approaches

As I am writing this we are having on and off deluges of rain from the remnants of Hurricane Ida. We don’t have too much wind, but in the last 3 hours we lost our power and have had almost 2 inches of rain!
Storms here tend to be a bit calmer than further to our South, in that the typical hurricane loses power over the cooler water in the Gulf of Maine, but ones like Ida, and its extratropical remnants, that go to our south a bit can be more, shall we say, impactful.
Climate change, of course, is going to make stronger storms here more common, and already we’re seeing that trend as we used to average a hurricane or tropical depression once every ten years or so, and now it’s an every other year kind of event. We’re coming up on the anniversary of Juan, a very powerful storm that ripped through here in September of 2003, so most folks here do know these things can happen.
We would do well to do what we can now to prevent such things from getting worse in the future!
The image this week is of a squall before Ida’s arrival, taken on our stretch of Port Maitland beach.