Misty Sunrise on Salmon River

For those who follow my Facebook feed the topic this week is no real surprise. The change of colours here at this time of year is quite amazing, and so I’ve been busy taking images of the trees, water and other elements of the changing seasons. I took part in a national project on Forests this past week as well, so the trees were kind of on my mind.
Unlike people, though, the trees don’t really have a choice to change. The fall comes and the weather cools off and there’s less light. That starts a chemical change in many trees. People, it seems, some at least, seem to resist change and so society progresses as those that do accept change move forward.
That’s the other thing on my mind – as the US considers opening its borders again to Canadian casual travellers, which would mean my wife and I could go visit my family in the USA after 19 months of not being able to. Finally, it seems, enough folks have gotten vaccinated and accepted that Covid has required a change – in that a vaccine is needed to blunt the spread of the disease. That’s a good thing, but the whole scenario brings to mind Emerson’s comments from one fall long ago:
We change, whether we like it or not
Ralph Waldo Emerson