Sambro Harbour

Family lore has my 3x great grandfather Eliphalet Curry having been born in Sambro, Nova Scotia. So, yesterday, we went for a little drive to see what we could discover. Since it was Remembrance Day we knew things would be closed, but we did n ot anticipate the throngs of people at Crystal Crescent Beach, so we eneded up just driving around the area.
We got to Sambro, one of those numerous small harbours in Nova Scotia that you have to get off a main road to see. The lighthouse, billed as one of the oldest in Canada, is kind of hidden from the village itself, as it sits on the shore downhill from the main port. The harbour, though, is beautiful and accessible by car down a short dirt road.
Walking around a bit I got this image and could imagine the scene almost 250 years ago when my ancestor would have been born here.
We’ll have to come back in the summer or when the museum is open to find the list of early settlers and see if we can make progress on Eliphalet’s parentage – but at least now I can picture where he’s from.
A beautiful spot, tucked away on the coast within a half hour’s drive of Halifax!