Family and friends will not be surprised by this week’s blog. A week ago, Norma and I drove up to the Annapolis Valley and picked up a new puppy!
Both Norma and I come from families who’ve always had dogs, and we’ve owned dogs as a couple and a family ourselves since we were married 45 years ago. When Finn died last fall, we began looking for a breeder of smaller dogs, to fit our lifestyle, including, when Covid allows, taking a new dog with us to Florida. I e-mailed several breeders of Cocker Spaniels and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, the two breeds we were most interested in, and it looked like we could get a dog, but it might be up to a year to wait.
Fortunately for us, a breeder at the top of our list for the Cavaliers had a litter in early December, and a prospective buyer backed out, so the breeder went to their list – and we got to welcome Sam to our home.
This last week has been fun, training a puppy again. It’s also been an adjustment learning to live with a puppy after having Finn be so calm in his last few years – although looking back he also was an active puppy!
Sam seems to be settling in well, and he is quite smart and will work willingly for treats! That’s great, and we’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of having him in our lives. More enjoyment once he stops waking up at 4am for an “outside” need, but that will come!
“Hi” to all from Sam!

Blog Feb 4