A Maple in Winter
Winter Maple Trees
Henry David Thoreau said that in Winter we need to get outdoors. To take in nature and to be reminded that nature is readying for the glorious Spring to come.
I was walking up to get our mail the other day and passed by a neighbour's old maple tree. It inspired me to take the photo of its branches, reaching high up into a blue sky.
Some friends are already tapping the maples for their syrup, a wonderful late winter thing to do. I'll have to go join them and watch.
On my walk, the beauty of the tree was enhanced by the now more powerful sun of late February and by the songs of birds. The Chickadees and Juncos sing, but they do that all winter. A new sound now, our Cardinals are singing.
I'll be listening, because soon the White-Throated Sparrows will sing, and that cry of "sweet, sweet Canada, Canada, Canada" is a sure sign that Thoreau was right - Spring is on its way.

Blog Feb 4