One of the first things that says a change in the seasons is underway up here in Nova Scotia is, to me, the appearance of Snowdrops. These small flowers normally poke up through the ground in late February or early March, but have been known to bloom in January, and keep going most years until late April.
The walkway to the house we lived in at Wallbrook in Shelburne County had a massive carpet of Snowdrops on either side of the walkway, and so Norma brought some over to our new spot when we moved to Port Maitland. The ones near the house, pictured in the image this week, appeared between storms last week, got covered and uncovered a couple of times by the snow, but are blooming and putting on the start of a very nice show.
There are all kinds of “signs of Spring”, like the geese migrating northward again, the robins arriving, the ice coming off the lake and so on.
The appearance of Snowdrops, though, is a real promise of a Spring to come. These pretty little flowers seem so optimistic to me – and we can all use a little more optimism these days!

Blog Feb 4