Indian River Sunrise

Earth Day 2022
It’s Earth Day 2022 – and the 52nd one I’ve celebrated!
Earth Day began in 1970, and in my case it started with a cleanup of our local river in my hometown of Groton, Massachusetts. I’ve since done cleanups of farm fields and roadsides in the Annapolis Valley, hundreds of beach sweeps in the Lockpeort, Shelburne County area (we did weekly beach clean-ups for years there), and back to both roadside and beach clean-ups in Port Maitland.
Organizing an Earth Day activity is simple – and can be very easy, as easy as grabbing a bag and doing a ditch clean-up. Other activities could be just walking in nature and becoming more aware of the environment, through tree planting and increasing wildlife habitat right through to organizing a beach sweep or adopting a portion of a highway or roadside.
It's all about thinking globally and acting locally – just as it was in the very beginning.
Why not make this an Earth Day to remember – get out and help our planet and think about the future for all who live on our small place in space.
Have a great Earth Day !

Blog Feb 4