I think perhaps I may have a background memory of many, many tulips in Holland, where I spent six months as a very young child. In any case, they are among my favourite flowers and this time of year is tulip time in Nova Scotia.
We arrived back at my daughter’s house, and her beautiful garden includes a number of tulips, now in full show. Norma and I can’t grow tulips at our home in Port Maitland, or rather, I should say, we can’t grow them and have them bloom, because the green of the growing tulips before blossom is irresistible to the local deer, who mow the tulips better than a machine!
As a result, our early flowers are predominantly daffodils, which are also very pretty, and the deer don’t seem to munch on them!
So, no tip-toeing through the tulips for us, unless we go visiting someone without deer!

Blog Feb 4