As I wrote about last week – we simply can’t have tulips here at our place in Port Maitland, because the deer find them too delicious!
Norma, as the main flower gardener, solved the problem by giving in and planting more things the deer don’t prefer to munch on – and she found that daffodils do the trick. As a result, our main flower bed out front, which is in the former basement of an old barn, is planted heavily with daffodils, which give us a great early spring show.
The flower garden is fun to watch through the seasons as the various flowers come in and out of bloom, but we both love to see the daffodils, as a first true harbinger of the warmer season to come. The hummingbirds are also back and buzzing about, and the fields are full of dandelions and bees.
Spring has arrived!

Blog Feb 4