Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossom Time
This weekend is a special time in Nova Scotia. Having grown up in the Annapolis Valley, the end of May and early June always brought the Apple Blossom Festival. Some years the goings-on would be perfectly timed with the blossom’s show, and other times...well, not so much. This year, it is right on – as blossoms in the western half of our Province are at their peak right now!
My memories include not only the blossom display of our various apple and pear trees, but also the fragrance – the slightly “piggie” odours that sometimes wafted our way from the neighbouring farm replaced by the wondrous aroma of our orchards. I also remember people driving through the Valley from Halifax; coming to see the apple trees, but some would cut off small branches loaded with blossoms, oblivious to the fact that they were holding what would have become apples in the fall, and a part of the farm income.
The image this week is of an apple blossom on one of the old trees here in Port Maitland. You can see various colours on the blossoms, and depending on the species, some are pink, some are yellow and some a pure white.
It really is a most beautiful sight, so if you have the chance, get out there and stop to smell the flowers – it’s Apple Blossom time in Nova Scotia!

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