Nova Scotia Flag over an Apple Tree

Nova Scotia Flag
The Nova Scotia Provincial flag is interesting as it has a deep history.
The coat of arms for Nova Scotia was granted in 1625 by King Charles when the Province had its first English settlement in what is now Annapolis Royal. That coat of arms was used on pennants and other Provincial official displays but in 1929 a new Provincial flag was adopted– the current one shown in the image this week.
The flag of NS is a simple cross of St. Andrew (with the colours of Saint Andrew's Cross being reversed on the province's flag in order to bring about a more distinct contrast with the royal arms), but instead of the Provincial coat of arms the flag uses the original coat of arms of Scotland - "the ruddy lion ramping in his field of tressured gold" as it is described in Scottish history books.
It is a most fitting flag, and one which is proudly flown by many.
May it continue to fly as a symbol of our history and our Province’s ties with Scotland.

Blog Feb 4