Norm's Pool, Middle River

Sea Trout
Almost every summer for the last 48 years now I’ve been able to get to Cape Breton, NS to meet the arrival of the sea-run Brook Trout that come to the Island rivers in early July.
Brook trout normally live in fresh water, but in some places some of the trout run down and into the ocean to feed before heading back upstream to breed in the late fall. Those that do this are called sea-run Brook trout, although in many instances in Cape Breton, the salt water these fish are running into is the slightly saline tidal Bras d’Or Lakes. There are also those in many other Island rivers though that go right out into the ocean, feed and then return to their native watershed.
Whatever the case, when they come in, they are larger and have a most beautiful silver colour on the outside, and a very orange flesh inside. That last makes them, in my opinion, the best eating fish of all, so although I normally catch and release most of my trout, I do like to keep a couple of sea-run fish to have for a breakfast or shore lunch.
Norma, Sam and I are in Cape Breton right now, and I’ve already found that the sea-run trout are here. To be on the river, in a place as shown that was my father-in-law’s favourite pool, and to be able to play with these amazing fish is truly a magical experience. The Province has put new limits on the number and size of fish you can keep – I’m glad, as if it means we can keep these trout coming back, I’m all in for it.
Fly fishing in Cape Breton in July.

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