The Map Room at the Habitation

The Habitation
This past week with Theo and his Dad, I ventured to Annapolis Royal, NS and the Habitation.
A recreation of the fortified settlement that was first made in 1605, the Habitation was the home of French explorers in the very early 1600s – and was the first permanent French settlement in Canada.
The Habitation is a wonderful site to explore with a 10 year old, or a history buff of any age, as it depicts what life was like in those first years of Europeans living in Canada. There are Park interpreters, as the whole thing is run by Parks Canada, and fun games for kids to do while exploring the fort. The Order of Good Cheer is explained, there are representations of Indigenous life and a very good explanation of what the early settlers came for and why.
Nova Scotia’s history is among the oldest in Canada, and we are fortunate to have a few very excellent remnants and recreations to help people understand our history better. The Fortress at Louisburg, the historic sites in towns like Wolfville and Lunenburg and the historic center of Halifax are great places to enrich one’s understanding. But, little Annapolis Royal perhaps takes the prize as the place with the most interesting history as along with the Habitation there is Fort Anne, the most fought over piece of land in the country, and a wonderful historic garden – along with a very pretty and active town center area.
Folks who only tour Halifax and think they’ve seen the Province are so sadly mistaken.

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