Cape St. Mary's

Nova Scotia doesn't get a lot of hurricanes, but we're no strangers to large storms, so when a big storm moves in on us most know what to do and prepare accordingly. As I'm writing this, Fiona is a category three hurricane out in the Atlantic Ocean and it's heading straight for the northern end of our Province.
I went down to the wharf at Cape St Mary’s where I got this week’s image and I suspect many more flags will look like this soon. The fishing boats are all tied securely and have found the calmest water they can in anticipation of the wind and rain to come.
The last large storm to hit us was Dorian a couple of years ago which dumped a lot of rain along the entire East Coast of Nova Scotia, but which also did a lot of damage from its winds as it essentially paralleled the coast. Fiona looks like it will make a more direct landfall somewhere in northern Nova Scotia and so perhaps the damage at this end of the province will not be as severe as from some other recent storms. It's good to be prepared though, and I know that some overzealous forecasts coming from some social media sites will cause undue anxiety.
Still, no storm should be taken lightly, and so we ready for the first big storm of the season.
Time to hunker down and see what nature has in store for us!

Blog Feb 4