Lover's Lane, Groton, Massachusetts

Lover's Lane
According to the dictionary, a lover’s lane is a small road, often leading from a parking lot through to another road, which is attractive for couples who desire to “kiss, make out, or engage in sexual activity”. My wife and Sam and I were visiting my parents and we got a chance to walk the local “Lover’s Lane” in my hometown, Groton, Massachusetts.
This particular lane runs from the Groton golf and country club through to Lawrence Academy, and it happens to run just below the property that my grandparents and parents used to own just south of the LA campus. It is a lane I knew well, not as a lover, but rather as a runner – as the start and finishing stretch of the Lawrence Academy Cross Country course uses the lane. I probably ran it over 100 times a year for the years I was at LA.
This week, though, Norma and I were not running, nor making out, instead we simply took in the sight of the amazing forest through which the lane runs – a mix of mature oak, birch, maple and other hardwoods. The image resulting shows the glorious colours of a late New England fall. As the leaves drifted silently down onto the lane, Sam was thrilled, as he loves leaves and their motion – it runs in the breed.
Fall in New England is marvellous, and walks in the woods are well worth the effort, even if one doesn’t go there to make out…

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