Book Cover - Tight Lines

A Book!
I’ve signed a book contract!
A little over four years ago, my daughter Marsha and I were “writing buddies”, and we wrote chapters of books we each envisioned as something we’d personally like to publish. We’d send a new chapter to look over every week or so, and over about a year, it turned out we’d each written a book.
Marsha got hers published right away while I worked on my book more and have only just now found the perfect partner to publish my work.
Moose House Publications is a small Nova Scotia publishing house that specializes in books about rural Nova Scotia, and they are now working with me as we edit the manuscript which will be published in 2023.
The book is a journal style narrative of my fly fishing life. The book will appeal to anyone who loves the outdoors, particularly Nova Scotia’s outdoors, and those who spend any time pursuing wilderness or near wilderness activities, especially fly fishing. The book will also cause people who are “of a certain age” to reflect back, as the work references an era gone by to compare what is now the state of the environment to the past, and briefly comment on what the future of fly fishing here in Nova Scotia might look like and how we can help.
The image this week is the current state of the book's cover - entitled Tight Lines.
Exciting times – and a perfect way to spend the off-season!
Stay tuned.

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