Gecko on a Palm Frond

In Florida, there are many critters running about that are very different from those in Nova Scotia, and one smallest is fascinating. Our condo is home to a bunch of miniature dinosaur looking lizards, namely geckos.
These little guys, maybe a 5 or 6 inch length for most, have amazing pads on their feet like little suction cups which enable them to cling to anything, and the also are quite athletic, so we see them everywhere. In the daytime they aren’t as active, but they hang in the shade on our deck screening, and Sam has taken to being enthralled by their actions as he watches them walk about.
These small carnivores eat things like flies and such, which is fine by me, and they are harmless, so even the odd one that gets inside is tolerated, although that might cause much more excitement that the gecko might like if Sam sees one in the condo. Most of the time we see them lounging on the leaves of the palm trees and other broad leaved bushes here, and the occasional one on an evenings walk will be seen scrambling about.
A small, but very interesting creature.