A Nova Scotia wilderness brook

Where Trout Abound
Nova Scotia is often described as “accessible wilderness” and as one author put it, the place is “where moose and trout abound”.
The trout are not as bountiful any longer with the invasive species of chain pickerel and smallmouth bass so prevalent, especially in the end of the Province I live in, but they can still be found in a few wilderness brooks and lakes.
I cover this whole aspect of Nova Scotia’s past, present and future – it is one of the key messages in Tight Lines, my book that will come out next month. We all need to work and be aware of we are to save the wild Nova Scotia brook trout, and we need to act quickly. To me, it is well worth the small effort needed to save such a beautiful fish with a storied past. If for no other reason than that I want grandson Theo to know the same kind of Nova Scotia wilderness that I do.
For the first time since its inception, I’m going to take a 3 week break from the blog, although my photography page will have some images posted. Norma and I are going on an adventure, and I am not sure at all about what the internet connections will be. Check back and see how we make out!