Tree After a Snowstorm

Weather and Photography
I spent a lot of time this week getting a new weather station component installed, and so got thinking a lot about the weather and its role in my photography. Many people don’t stop to think that it’s the dramatic light on a subject with dark in the background that really makes some images “pop”, or that the clouds and their formations sometimes add so much to our images.
Because I do pay attention to all of the above, I follow the weather closely to see when I might be able to take advantage of some weather induced drama to add to my images. Of course, this means I have a few apps on my iPhone that help track weather, and I’ve found that Weather Underground and the Weather Channel are two of the best apps to add to my arsenal. Each can be set to add warnings and to send those warnings to me when weather events occur, but I also have a home NOAA/Environment Canada Weather Alert radio that gives warnings and watches as well. Being so closely tied to the weather and my photography, I also run my own home weather station and have that sending information to my iPhone as well. If you wish you can view that here.
Of course, I also have invested in equipment that is somewhat weather-resistant at least, and one camera that is weather-proof. My two Nikon bodies (a d800e and a new d850) are both water resistant, as are all my lenses. This means I can shoot in the rain and not worry too much, although when it really comes down, that garbage bag in my backpack is worth its weight in gold! I also carry a Nikon Coolpix AW point and shoot that is waterproof to a couple of metres, and even my iPhone has some water resistance.
Some of the most interesting images can be made in rain and snow, and on our Scotland sojourn last Spring I certainly was glad I had such equipment, as it poured on us frequently. Unbrellas are great, but I find waterproof clothing and waterproof gear to be even better, as they are also more impervious to the wind. If you haven’t tried shooting in the rain or snow, - why not get yourself prepared and give it a go?

Our Deer Trail - Don't Try This Without Water Resistant Gear!

Marsh in Freezing Rain

Kingfisher in the Rain

Snow on a Shrub