Surf at Cape Forchu

Coastal Trails
Norma and I took Sam for a walk around the Leif Erikson trail at Cape Forchu this past week, just to stretch our legs, but also because we all love walking along the shore. The trail at the foot of the Yarmouth Light is a wonderful loop that goes along the interesting rocks of Cape Fiorchu, and then comes back along the outer edge of Yarmouth Harbour. Fishing boats go by, and shorebirds and waterfowl can be seen, as well as numerous small sparrows and warblers.
The main thing of interest, though, is the interplay of the surf and the rocks. On this particular evening, the waves were rolling in gently, under a cloudy sky broken by rays of light coming down in shafts to the surface of the sea. There are a couple of benches one can sit in and simply take in the scene and the sounds, and so feel the peaceful rhythm of nature.
Soon enough the fall and winter storms will come, and the place will have an entirely different feel; but for now, it’s a pretty powerful reminder of what a beautiful place we live in here in Yarmouth County.